Dr. Y. A. Matcheswalla’s Happy Minds invited Director Mrs. Meena Bhawsar, Principal Dr. Anjali Karandikar and teachers of our College, for Annual Teaching and Learning Symposium which was held from 9 am to 4:30 pm on Dec 2, 2017 at Tejpal Auditorium, Nana Chowk, Near Cumballa Hill, Mumbai 26.

There were many participants from South Zone of Mumbai and only one from suburban , our College.

Principal Dr Anjali Karandikar graced the occasion as a chairperson and speaker for the first Session.

The topics were Peer Pressure Bullying and Addiction. Out of 2000 Teachers who participated,  five  teachers were selected  as  Best  Teachers. Our Vice Principal Mr. Shyamdhar Dubey was nominated and selected as one of them.

In the final round our Vice Principal Mr. Shyamdhar Dubey was selected as the Best teacher.

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